Rival Cafe

Cafe Rival

Last month I went to Stockholm in Sweden. Their food is well known for having odd combinations and a lot of fish (herring in particular) so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

We visited the Rival Cafe, part of the hotel and bar that is owned by Benny from Abba. This was the main reason we decided to visit. But on arrival we noticed that it wasn’t just tourists or people who were staying at the hotel in there. There was a large amount of Swedish locals eating and drinking their morning coffee.

We went on the Saturday morning and was a little unsure of the breakfast selection. They had some lovely looking pastries, but then next to them rolls with pepper and cheese- not my usual breakfast food. I decided to play safe and have a hot chocolate and a cinnamon pastry. It was a good choice.

We loved the atmosphere of the cafe, so much so that we went back the next morning. This time we were a little more adventurous and ordered the Cafe Breakfast; Greek yoghurt with honey and chopped walnuts, a boiled egg with fish paste, scones with marmalade and cheese, and fruit. This was the least strange combination they had out of the breakfasts.

Cafe Rival

Me @ Cafe Rival

Cafe Rival

On the walls: unique photography by Ulla Montan, depicting well-known cultural profiles from Stockholm’s district of Södermalm.

Cafe Rival

Hotel Rival AB • Mariatorget 3 • Box 175 25 • SE-118 91 STOCKHOLM SWEDEN


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