Spinach soup

This spinach soup recipe is based on a recipe from my Bulgarian Mother-in-law. She often makes it when we visit and it’s delicious and so filling. Plus it definitely has a good chunk of your five a day in it. I like to use fresh spinach, the dirty kind you get from the market with the stalks still on it, but you can substitute for baby spinach if you prefer.Ingredients2 bunches of fresh spinach1 onion2 cloves of garlic2 stock cubes (I like to use vegetable)Salt, pepper, paprikaMushroomsVermicelli pastaPlain yoghurt (optional)Method1. Wash the spinach and cut into small pieces.2. Cut the onion and garlic.3. Fry the spinach onion and garlic first, low and slow. I like to use better, but you can use vegetable oil.4. Then add stock- I use a vegetarian one, and plenty of water. Also put spices; salt, pepper, paprika, vegeta (a Bulgarian spice). Bring to the boil then turn down to simmer.5. Next add mushrooms and vermicelli pasta- about 3 handfuls.6. Cook for around 30mins or until the pasta is soft.7. Take off the heat and serve.8. I like to add a dollop of yoghurt once it’s served and mix it in to make it nice and creamy.


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