Haberdashery, Crouch End

With my maternity leave I’m making the most of midweek brunching and generally hanging out in cafes drinking tea and eating cake.

Being baby friendly is important because I’m taking my little one with me. This place is; although it’s only small they were accommodating for my buggy and several other mummy’s and their babies. In the toilet they even had spare nappies in case you were caught out.

Speaking of the toilet I believe a toilet can say a lot about a place. If they take the time and effort to make it nice and to keep it clean, then you know they really care about the whole customer experience. This particular toilet was extremely clean and had a bookshelf for you to help yourself (as well as the aforementioned nappies).

So onto the food. I had the hedonist breakfast which was a lovely combination of English breakfast with veggie breakfast. This suits me perfectly because even though I love my meat I also enjoy hallumi and spinach which are often only on the vegetarian menu. It was a lot of food, it took me a while but I managed it all! Too yummy to waste. I had a cup of tea with it (of course) and they have lovely eclectic teapots, cup and saucers and great loose leaf tea.

If breakfast isn’t your thing (what’s wrong with you) or you fancy something else they have a great selection of sandwiches, salads and lighter bites. They also have cake. Mmmmmmm cake.

I saw several people having cake around me, and once the breakfast had gone down my partner in crime and I decided to share a cake. The cake we had had been baked in a small terracotta garden pot, I’m a sucker for anything a bit quirky so this really appealed. Flavour wise it was lovely too- rose and raspberry, the rose flavour was just right as sometimes it can be overpowering.

I would definitely come back again, or try the other place they have in Stoke Newington, although Crouch End is much easier for me because they have less parking restrictions on the surrounding roads.

If you want to see their menu or find out more visit their website.


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