Café Blom

Bulgar Wheat Salad

Café Blom is situated in the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm. On one of the islands it houses both the modern art museum and the Architecture Museum- both worth a visit. While taking a break and moving from one museum to another we needed some sustenance to keep us interested and on our feet.

The museum has a couple of eateries, The Restaurant, The Espresso bar and Café Blom. We chose to sit in the Café Blom partly as it had the shortest que and also it was cheaper than the restaurant. We found that Stockholm is not a cheap city to eat good food out in.

We were told by a local Swedish man when asking him about Swedish food, that if you see a load of random ingredients put together that don’t seem to go- then that is traditional Swedish food.

I had a Bulgar wheat salad with pickled pumpkin, blue cheese and white cabbage slaw.
Barney had the soup, which was really nice, and in true Swedish style I helped myself to some of it on top of my salad- and I have to say it tasted pretty good.

Bulgar Wheat Salad

Café Blom, Stockholm


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