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November 4, 2012

Apple Strudel


My first attempt at making an apple strudel.
I have a cooking apple tree in my back garden, and although I love apple crumble I wanted to make something different with them.
I had some ready-made puff pastry in the fridge and it seemed only right to give a go at making strudel.
Most recipes use filo pastry, but this actually worked quite well, although I would like to give my next attempt a go with filo to see the difference.

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March 29, 2012

Leek and Goats cheese pastry

Leek & Goats cheese tart

In the spirit of St David’s day I made some leek and goat’s cheese pastry. Found on the BBC Good Food website. Little bit late posting this I know but still a good recipe any time of the year.

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January 10, 2012

Sun-Dried Tomato and Rosemary Palmiers

Tomato Palmiers

My repertoire of canapés and savoury snacks is quite limited, as I seem to mainly be baking cakes and food relating to chocolate. So I wanted to try and bake a little more of a variety of foods and thought I would start with canapés. They often look very fancy, and hopefully, quite impressive. So I thought I would start off with something fairly simply, and I cheated slightly by using ready-made pastry, so if you wanted a little more of a challenge then make your own rather than shop bought.

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December 18, 2011

Mince Pies

Mince Pies

I never used to like mince pies (yes I’m strange I know), and now that I do like them I only really like home made ones. However the other day I tried some shop bought ones made with puff pastry and I liked them, so thought I would give it a go at making them myself and then hopefully I would really really like them!

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