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December 23, 2014

Fish Stew


I love eating seafood but rarely ever make any for myself at home, partly as I’m always a little unsure of the best way to cook fish. My mum bought me a book on how to prepare and cook fish to help me overcome this! Although this particular recipe is not from that book- it did help to inspire me.

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April 6, 2012

Ally Pally Farmer’s Market


Situated in the leafy neighbourhood of Hornsey on a Sunday morning Alexandra Palace places host to a farmers market. Open from 10am to 3pm, full of tasty delights for foodies and non foodies alike. Whether you are looking for a nice cut of Welsh lamb or just out for a tasty snack, there is plenty to see.

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December 12, 2011

Bremen Market


I visited my friend in Bremen and visited the many market stalls that they have in Bremen around Christmas time. The German’s really do Christmas well. None of the tacky tinsel we have in England (I like tinsel, but sometimes it can get a bit much!).

They have lovely handmade tree decorations, various food stalls, carousel rides and lots of make shift bars. They had one Market in the town which had a Medieval theme- all the staff were dressed up in Medieval clothing.

They had so many food and Gluhwien stalls- I was in heaven! Obviously I had to sample them to see if they were any good- which they were. Had my favourite the currywurst, and plenty of Gluhwein.








November 24, 2011

Swedish Market

Swedish Market

While in Stockholm I visited a market where the only things they seemed to be selling were pumpkins and mushrooms. At least we know they are not flying in produce Africa and only selling what is in season.

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May 4, 2011

Walthamstow Market


Walthamstow Market is the longest daily outdoor market in Europe, however is not the largest. Running almost the entire length of the street, approx 1 kilometer long, it has around 500 stalls selling everything from fruit and veg, to fabric, to household appliances. The produce at the fruit and veg stalls is always a good price, and much better quality than some street markets. It has quite a traditional cockney feel to it, but also incorporating all the influences from cultures such as Polish, Turkish and Afro-Caribbean.

On a Sunday a farmers market occupies the Town square at the top of the market, as the usual market only runs Tuesday-Saturday, with Saturday being at its busiest- often it is hard to get up the street against the flow of shoppers and browsers.





February 8, 2011

Borough Market

Borough Market in London Bridge is by far my favourite food market in London. Although possibly not on a weekend as that is when it seems to be everyone else favourite too.
From olives to cheese, to freshly squeezed apple juice, it has so much delicious food on offer. Most stalls have tasters too, and if your actually planning to buy they will let you have a taste of most of the range to decide which you like best.
These photos were actually taken a few months ago, but I felt it was still relavant.

Borough Market by Naomi Winters

Borough Market by Naomi Winters

Borough Market by Naomi Winters

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