Kleiner Olymp


Kleiner Olymp is a restaurant situated in the Schnoor part of Bremen, the oldest part of the town, with narrow winding cobbled streets. In amongst the shops are cafes and restaurants, plenty to choose from, but I wanted something traditionally German, and this restaurant sells the Bremen specialities.


To start with I had a hot chocolate to warm myself up and defrost. As always with my holidays I choose the coldest wettest times to go away and it was I had the Bremer Knipper, which is a traditional Bremen dish of fried potatoes with onion and bacon bits, with a patty of meat and breadcrumbs. It had a texture that reminded me of haggis, but not the same in taste. It was thin and fried and accompanied was a sliced gherkin and apple sauce, which sounds a little odd, but a nice combination.




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