Yo Sushi

Yo Sushi

I love sushi, yet have never been to Yo Sushi before. I think the idea of paying per dish has put me off as I’m the kind of girl who likes to try everything. I found myself on the top floor of Harvey Nichols sampling the free alcohol before meeting some friends for cocktails in the bar, so I thought that I probably should have a bite to eat or I may embarrass myself.

The revolving carousel excites me, maybe a little too much, and I get quite nervous watching it go round, not wanting to take the wrong dish. I spent a good ten minutes watching all the dishes before actually deciding which would be my first plate. Thankfully it was not disappointing. I ordered some salmon sashimi which was truly mouth-watering. I never thought rare fish could taste so nice.
I also had some Tamago (the sweet omelette) and some Kaiso (Su-miso marinated kaiso and nori) a dish that I hadn’t tried before but am now a big fan. To finish I had some Chicken Katsu Curry, which although I know is not sushi, I couldn’t resist.

Yo Sushi

Yo Sushi


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