Yum Cha


The young and poor girls meet again for the first time in what feels like forever. Lady G has been to India and back, Jackie is now officially self-employed and Richelle has almost finished her degree.

We all met for what we love doing the most- dinner- at Yum Cha in Chalk Farm. Richelle has been here many times, but for some of us we were dim sum virgins. I’ve only ever had dim sum at Ping Pong before so it was nice to choose somewhere new and to eat with people who know their Dim Sum.


Jackie and Richelle encouraged us to get some of the more exotic dishes like ducks tounge and pork and jellyfish. Not dishes I would have chosen by myself, but I gave them a try. The ducks tongue tasted very odd, a mixture of hard and chewy that didn’t agree with me, or many others much to Jackie and Richelle’s delight. I wasn’t too keen on the jellyfish either, quite a strange texture to me without much flavour. But those who enjoyed it managed to finish the whole plate so can’t have been too bad!

Ducks tongue

We had some crispy seaweed which I love, and pork dumplings, fried squid and many other dishes- we almost struggled to finish them all. It was a lovely dinner, lovely company, and really cheap as it was half price dim sum! Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday their dim sum is half price- which makes it a great time to try new dishes.
They also have bookable karaoke rooms available for those who wish to stretch their singing voices after dinner.

Pork and Jellyfish




Yum Cha
27-28 Chalk Farm Road, London NW1 8AG
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  1. Mmm that reminds me: I had some great pig’s ear the other day.

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