Emporium Tea Rooms


I visited these tea rooms with an offer from Groupon, saw the deal and thought I’d try it out.
It’s a really cute cafe with a main room and a side room that is used for parties and classes of various kinds. When I arrived at around 12pm it was quite quiet, which was perfect for having a good girls catch up. The place did get busier with a mixture of families and couples coming in for a range of refreshments.


I had a proper afternoon tea, with scones, sandwiches, cakes and of course a pot of fine English tea.
The scones were very delicious and accompanied with clotted cream and strawberry jam. The sandwiches were nice and as always with afternoon tea I found myself filling up very quickly, struggling to eat all of my chocolate cake. I did however manage this as I refuse to leave good food uneaten.





4-5 Cheapside
Fortis Green
London N2 9HP

020 8883 8098


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