Stuffed Beef Tomato


This was made from ingredients that I happened to have in my fridge. It’s so easy but tastes amazing.
I sliced the top off the tomato and scraped out the inside into a bowl- this reminded me of when doing pumpkins at Halloween just without the funny faces on the front.
I made the cous cous with some fresh mint and seasoning and then mixed in the tomato pulp. I then added some extra tomato puree and some chopped red onion.
Finally I added some ricotta cheese that I had left over from last week lasagne.
I put this cous cous mixture into the empty tomatoes and then sprinkled some grated cheddar cheese on the top and put the lids back on.
Then bake in the over for about 25-30mins.
And voila!
I really like it because it’s so refreshing with the tomato- it keeps it moist inside. You could put anything with the cous cous really, but I found this worked quite well as it didn’t overpower any of the other flavours.



One Comment to “Stuffed Beef Tomato”

  1. Nom! But where’s the beef?

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