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April 9, 2011

Love’s Bog- og Vincafe


Last month I took a holiday to Aarhus in Denmark. It was very cold, with snow on the ground and like a true English girl I had not brought enough clothes with me. So I had to go from cafe to cafe- which was no bad thing!
I came across this cafe while looking for some lunch, walking along the street I spotted books in the window, peered in to see comfy looking armchairs and immediately knew that this was a place I would like.
It is what my perfect cafe would be like- book shelves lining the walls, a mismatch of nice classic wooden furniture and a couple of comfy armchairs in the corners. The lighting is just right- light enough to do you work (lots of students on their laptops while I was there) but not too bright to feel like you are in a library.
It has a really nice relaxed feel to it with friendly staff who spoke very good English. I liked it so much I went back again, even though I only had 4 days in Aarhus.
I sampled their food- a platter of olives, artichokes, pate, bread, olive paste, prochuto and gerhkins. Really nice and actually quite filling.



Noerregade 32, Arhus 8000 , Denmark

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March 10, 2011

The Terrace

I lived in Kingston for 3 years but haven’t been back for a few months and I really miss it. There is such a large choice cafes and places to eat its so hard to decide. So when my friend suggested the Terrace, a place id not been to before, I thought it sounded like a good choice.

It has a large range of filings, and I’m not good a decisions at the best of times. They had the usuals, but then about a hundred other amazing sounding filings, along with Jacket potatoes, breakfast and the specials.

All the sandwiches are made to order, so if you want extras, don’t want certain ingredients this place is great. You have your choice of bread; again not good for me- but in the end I went with a seeded Panini with chicken, bacon, avocado and rocket.
I was not disappointed.

The interior was really nice too- seats downstairs and up, nice clean feeling, and the staff were very friendly too.
It was a bit more expensive than some of the little cafes on other streets, about £5 for the average sandwich, but I think it’s worth the little extra.

The Terrace
7 Apple Market, Kingston-upon-Thames

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