Love’s Bog- og Vincafe


Last month I took a holiday to Aarhus in Denmark. It was very cold, with snow on the ground and like a true English girl I had not brought enough clothes with me. So I had to go from cafe to cafe- which was no bad thing!
I came across this cafe while looking for some lunch, walking along the street I spotted books in the window, peered in to see comfy looking armchairs and immediately knew that this was a place I would like.
It is what my perfect cafe would be like- book shelves lining the walls, a mismatch of nice classic wooden furniture and a couple of comfy armchairs in the corners. The lighting is just right- light enough to do you work (lots of students on their laptops while I was there) but not too bright to feel like you are in a library.
It has a really nice relaxed feel to it with friendly staff who spoke very good English. I liked it so much I went back again, even though I only had 4 days in Aarhus.
I sampled their food- a platter of olives, artichokes, pate, bread, olive paste, prochuto and gerhkins. Really nice and actually quite filling.



Noerregade 32, Arhus 8000 , Denmark

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