Summer Trifle


A little long overdue- this was actually made for a summer BBQ- which as you can all see has now long gone!
This was my first attempt at trifle making, it was a request from one of my friends. Took me quite a while to make as I would complete one layer and leave it half a day- so it felt like it dragged on a little bit! But you do need time for the layers to set.

Trifle ingredients


Sponge Fingers
Strawberry jelly
Fresh Strawberries
Double cream



1. Place a layer of sponge fingers into the bottom of a dish.
2. Top with a layer of sliced fresh strawberries. Pour over the top some strawberry jelly once cooled slightly and leave to set in the fridge.
3. Next is the custard- you could make your own, but I cheated and used an instant packet. Mix up and poor over the set jelly.
4. To whip the cream, place in a bowl and using an electric mixer whip until stiff.
5. Spread this over the set custard and decorate to you liking.






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