Lavender Cupcakes

Lavender Cupcake

I love using ingredients fresh from the garden, or someone elses garden, and while sitting eating in my garden one day I smelt our lavender bush. I then decided that I had to try making lavender cakes. I’ve seen sugar with the lavender already mixed in with it, but it is often quite expensive, and probably not as nice as the fresh stuff.
I used a basic sponge recipe but when I added the sugar I also added a handful of lavender buds.

This worked really well, and the cake tasted light and fluffy, and you could really taste the lavender without it having that horrible perfumed taste that you sometimes get.

Lavender Cupcake

Lavender Cupcake

Lavender Cupcake

Lavender Cupcake


2 Comments to “Lavender Cupcakes”

  1. They look delicious! Do you have any left…? If only food could be sent from one computer to another….

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